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Store Policy

Leather Goodies Life Time Promise

Should faulty material or craftsmanship result in bag damage, we will fix your bag or replace it if we cannot fix the issue - in this case the only cost incurred by you will be shipping. This may include things like rivet issues, hardware breaks etc. This promise does not include any accidental (or intentional) bag damage that is caused by you (or someone around you), normal wear and tear or natural blemishes in the leather. Simply contact us directly and we'll get back to you with next steps. 

We will always try to ensure an accurate portrayal of our artwork on this website but sometimes the colour and size may be different based on your computer. We will not be held liable for these portrayal differences, but rest assured we have no intentions of misrepresentation. If you're worried about the color interpretation from your computer please let us know and we'll provide other options to support you.

First Fruits Promise

As a gesture of gratitude for all that comes our way, Isbell & Co will donate the first 10% of all monthly sales to benevolent organizations and charities around the world. 

Material Sourcing

When making a decision on materials and suppliers we try to think about its impact on the product (functionality and longevity), environment and the price. Because of our choice to work in a boutique way, we might never be able to be the most competitive price wise, but we'll certainly stand by our price to quality decisions.

Wholesale Inquiries

Isbell & Co is also in the process of building a wholesaler network for both our Artwork and Leather Products. For us an ideal wholesaler relationship is friendly, collaborative, transparent, professional and respectful, because only then can it be mutually beneficial. If this sounds like you, and you think our products are suited to your customers, we'd love to hear from you - please click here.

Payment Methods

Isbell & Co Currently offer the following payment methods:

- Credit / Debit Cards via Square 

Privacy Policy


Keeping your information safe and sound is very important to us. For more information on our privacy policy please click here.

​All work on this website, including photography of artwork and products, is the original work of Andrew & Charlotte Isbell. It is copyrighted and is the sole property us through Isbell & Co LLC and Charlotte Marie. Regardless of whether you have purchased the original artwork, an artwork print, a textile, or product, or are simply a viewer of this work, they cannot be re-used, duplicated, derived or reproduced in any way without our involvement and authority. Purchasers of original artwork will hold "ownership" rights only, which excludes usage rights and will sign a contract on purchase with information about this. For usage rights on any artwork, at any level, please contact us directly. 


As the owner of all designs seen on, we may make changes to our products, pricing and offers at any time without notice, including the discontinuation of products at my discretion. 


We will do everything we can to package your artwork securely and suitably for the medium, and to ensure it arrives beautifully in your hands. However as shipping is out of our control, we cannot be held responsible for damaged products once it leaves our studio. We will also not be held responsible for any additional fees that arise from your shipping process. Please see Shipping & Returns for more information about shipping policies.

Your Responsibility

It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure they have read and understood all terms & conditions associated with purchasing from Isbell & Co. In addition to this page - terms & conditions - terms also include Shipping & Returns and Privacy Policy which can always be found at the bottom of this website. The policies outlined on these pages will over-ride any other discrepancies that may be found elsewhere on the site.


By making your purchase you will be accepting these terms in entirety having read or not read these terms.

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